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Yes!! We have our store in Ebay. We sell yarn, please visit us following link below:

Yarn, hilo, estambre:

*Crystal Yarn  100% Acrylic/Hilo Cristal 

*Crystal Yarn with Glitter/Hilo metalico

*Omega Cotton 100% Omega Eulali

*Omega Cotton 100% Omega Sinfonia

*Omega #2 Nylon 100%

*Omega #3 Nylon 100% with Glitter

*Omega #8 Nylon 100% thin thread, hilo delgado para coser

*Brisa yarn 100% Acrylic, Estambre Brisa

*Raffia Polypropylene material

*Italian yarn Fuego Mohair 80% Wool 20%,

*Crochet Hooks

*Mexican rebozos from Santa Maria del Rio, SLP Mexico


Ebay Store: Chiquita8R 

click here to take you to store

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